Our mission is to protect youth from being victimized by predators who leverage cyberspace as an international exploitation tactic. We accomplish this by promoting widespread awareness; educating youth about the dangers of cybercrime and providing them with methods of protection; stimulating the development of technology-driven safety solutions; and establishing strategic partnerships with other organizations to identify key indicators that lead to exploitation. While our overall goal is to protect all youth, we have a special interest in those living in underserved and rural areas who may be more vulnerable to predatory maneuvers

In support of our mission, Protect Us Kids Foundation has the following key contributing goals:

  • Promote cybersecurity awareness within the communities that we serve, to ensure that access to viable mental health, technology and cybersecurity resources are readily available at all times.
  • Formally engage with humanitarian organizations, corporations, and international governments, to work collectively towards addressing the continued liability and legal challenges in human trafficking prevention in cyberspace and the effects of globalization and forced servitude.
  • Support the establishment of innovative, yet ethically sound, data governance measures that serve to protect and maintain the privacy of exploited youth online.


We envision that our aggressive efforts will have a widespread impact on an international scale and that our advocacy, research and practical approaches to meaningful solutions will dramatically reverse the rising rate of child exploitation. We anticipate that our strategic worldwide partnerships will be a key factor in developing cybersecurity international standards, guidelines and best practices and that cyber trafficking will one day be no longer be a threat to our youth.


  • Commitment – Our dedication to child protection is steadfast. We will not rest until the exploitation of children through cyberspace tactics is irrevocably thwarted.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves responsible for the cyber safety of our children worldwide. The work we do is not something that we simply wish to do; it is something that we consider as our moral obligation.
  • Integrity – The authenticity of our mission is the beacon that shapes the direction of all our strategies. We hold honesty, trust and transparency as our guiding principles.
  • Innovation – Innovation is the key to success, especially in developing the kind of technology that will make it impossible for child predators to reach children through cyberspace.
  • Collaboration – By continually expanding the number of our partnerships with other organizations, we will become exponentially more effective in our goal to eradicate the victimization of children.
  • Boldness – We will not hesitate to take audacious and daring steps to further our efforts to protect youth from around the world – especially those at most risk.