Our Founder

Veda T. Woods Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

“I believe everyone deserves the right to have access to opportunities to improve their quality of life, irrespective of the economic circumstances from which they may have come. It is my desire to provide a positive social impact, in support of global humanitarian efforts, by applying my personal and professional experience towards protecting those without a voice from potential sexual abuse and violence within cyberspace.”

Formerly having served on a U.S. political appointment from 2009 until 2015, as the Chief Information Security Officer and Deputy CIO, Veda Woods’ strategic leadership spans over approximately 22 years and focuses on cybersecurity policies and decision-making processes that protect and respect human rights by design. She strives to employ systematic and holistic information assurance strategies in cybersecurity, information governance, privacy and risk management; focused on securing healthcare, financial, law enforcement, defense and intelligence information.

As a cybersecurity executive at a leading global financial services firm, Veda is accountable for cybersecurity threat oversight in support of ensuring a transparent, consistent and comprehensive program for managing operational risk across the firm globally. She also participates on national and international working groups, seeking best practices in cyber research, data governance, risk management and policy to support strategic initiatives.

Veda has received numerous awards for her contribution towards secure technology innovation and maintains a passionate commitment to continuously support women and minorities in STEM/STEAM. Because of her personal testimony of overcoming adversity, from humble beginnings growing up in one of the most volatile inner cities of Chicago, and navigating non-inclusive environments throughout her career, Veda’s life purpose is to pay it forward by doing what she deeply understands as being God’s work.