Conduct research on the behavioral and social aspects involved with the online enticement of youth for sexual acts by sexual offenders/predators. A vast majority of individuals comprise of youth from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

Enable youth the confidence to express them selves freely on the Internet and engage in Web-based activities without compromising their safety or personal integrity.

Educate parents/guardians about the importance of knowing their children’s activities while online; make them aware of threats that exist on the Internet and the susceptibility of young people to undesirable influences; provide tips on how to protect their children while they are online in the home; and detail the rights they have in the event their child becomes a victim.

Work with academic institutions to develop training resources on Internet safety that are scalable and can be easily integrated into current curriculum at no cost.

Interact with the domestic and international governments to secure necessary funding so that Internet safety can be taught in at-risk areas, thereby inducing positive change within these disadvantaged communities.

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