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Everyone deserves an opportunity regardless of the economic circumstances of which they may have come – your donation helps Protect Us Kids Foundation make a global difference towards protecting youth within underserved communities that might otherwise be overlooked.

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It takes a village to raise a child – It takes a global community to protect our children. Join us and you can help ensure that cyberspace remains a safe, yet enriching and innovative environment for our youth.

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Interested in protecting our children in cyberspace? Find a story on the Protect Us Kids Foundation website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter channel and share it with your friends. Your voice, joined with ours, changes lives.


Your unique talents and skills are always welcomed to help bring awareness to where it is needed the most – our youth. We need individuals who have experience in grant writing, public speaking, backgrounds in law enforcement, behavioral health and./or social services, information technology, and IT security, to name a few.

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