What Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Online Safety






What Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Online Safety

The internet can be a great place to learn, play games, shop, and have fun, but it also has a darker side. Criminals can use the internet to groom kids who are prone to the harmful tactics of predators and cyberbullies. There is a lot of inappropriate and obscene content on the internet that the kids should not be able to access.

We want to educate you as a parent or guardian so you can take necessary actions to protect your children from exploitation, cyberbullying, and cyber harassment.

Here’s the Top 6 Important Internet Safety Tips For Parents That They Must Set For Their Children & Teens!

  • Make rules and set guidelines

The easiest and most important you can do is to make rules and create guidelines for your kids to make it clear what they should and should not do. Make sure that you clearly convey the dangers that are associated with the internet. When young kids are using the internet, adult supervision is necessary. Teenagers will certainly have more privacy but it’s still important to have open communications with them about appropriate behavior and monitor their online activities. You can also use monitoring technology such as Bark to make sure you know who your children are talking to and who is trying to talk to them.

  • Teach them how to use social sites

Sharing on social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, is quite common nowadays, but privacy issues are still there. You must teach your children to be careful while posting anything on these sites, as these sites allow everyone to talk to strangers online. They must not post any personal information, photos, and details like phone number and address, that can reach the wrong hands. Make your kids aware that they must not share anything with someone they do not know. Making online friends is fine as long as they don’t reveal too much to them. Also, they must first inform you and get your approval before meeting them.

  • Review games, apps, and online purchases

Besides social media sites, messaging apps and games are also potentially used by predators for cyberbullying and harassment. Make sure that you review the games and apps before your kids download them. Clearly explain to them what dangers they might encounter while using a particular app.

Another thing that you must be wary of is online shopping. You must monitor your kids’ online purchases and make sure they do not buy anything without your consent. We know that online shopping is the trend, but online fraud is quite rampant too. And since kids and teens can be tricked more easily than adults, they need strict supervision in this regard.

  • Educate your kids about body safety

The internet can be a dangerous place with many predators, and your kids can become a victim of cyber harassment, sexual abuse, and exploitation. So it is important that they know about body safety and boundaries. Teach them to say ‘no’ to any inappropriate request both in the virtual as well as the physical world.

  • Make them assured that you are always listening to them

Encourage your kids to talk to you about everything. Tell them that you are always there for them and that they can always share their problems with you. That will help your kids to fully express themselves without hiding anything. If they encounter cyberbullying or any inappropriate thing online, or if anyone asks them to engage in any inappropriate or sexual activity, they must immediately report it to you.

  • Regularly talk to your kids about the use of the internet

Regularly talk to your kids about how they are using the internet. Remember! Communication is the key to avoid a lot of disasters! So be sure to frequently communicate with your kids so that they can feel at ease while talking to you about any problem.


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